Marriott International Customer Reviews:


Won't stay logged in

Have to reboot phone to login every time, then it forgets you're logged in, so the next time you have to reboot phone again to login.

can't login

So annoying

Have to log in every time and it takes 3 or 4 attempts to get logged in. Been this way for a month or longer. Can't believe it's not fixed.

App of minimal usefulness

All I can do with the app is check in.... I cannot see what room I have, or choose which room I want. Search function is crap, can only search for city/state or airport code, very weak.

Fix the sign in. Still broken!

The app no longer stays signed in. One signed off it won't let you sign back in. Months of bugs.


I get logged out hourly. I'm a platinum lifetime member. I travel weekly and it's frustrating to have to log in over and over. Sometimes I can't even log in. Giving up on the app and using the mobile website.

Constant Trouble Logging In

App is great, if you can get logged in. There are times I need to enter my info multiple times.


Won't let me login.

Latest update has broken the app

This was a very useful app until the last update. Now it hangs at the login so it is useless and frustrating. It also gives me a message that I need to be on at least Android 4.1. I am running 6.0...


if you can't make an app that is backwards compatible across a large segment of all smartphone users, you might need a new app developer. the last thing that is going to compel me to buy a new phone is a hotel app, esp when competitors' apps were always more functional, anyway.

It Worked

I was excited to use the app today to book my room. However, the excitement quickly turned to frustration when I was not able to log in as usual. I uninstalled the app and installed it again. Room booked!


Like Hotel chain

Login Issues

Installed the App yesterday and logged in. No issues. Opened it today and it has logged me out. Now cannot log back in as when I try nothing happens. This renders the App useless.

Doesn't connect , constantly freezes

Horrible after update

Used to be a really good app to check my points, check in on the phone and etc. But after the update the app never lets me login to my account anymore... It keeps hanging endlessly trying to login to my account...I could check for hotels and availability but what good is that if I can't login to my account


Won't logon, only way is to uninstall and reinstall, then it works for a while. Developers take a look at the Club Carlson app!

Not perfect yet

Like the fact can ask question directly to the hotel. But the app is not always accurate with the reservation ( right now in Doha the app say i have a booking for 3 nights when i already there for 4 and booked 4?...) very strange..

Why do I have to keep signing in?

I have now deleted this app. I refuse to sign in repeatedly.

Can no longer log in after last update

Used to be fine, no longer useful since I cannot login.

What a piece of crap

Need to scroll through dozens of indistinguishable room rates when booking a room. Just stupid.

Can't log in at all

Please fix


Crashes regularly, doesn't have auto login, and moderately useful.


Login doesn't work unless you reboot phone

App doesn't seem to cache login credentials.

Logs out constantly

This version of the app logs me out constantly and makes the app unusable. I'm at the point where I have created a browser shortcut to the Marriott website and I use that instead of this app. Please fix this for Android phones.

Stopped Working

This app hasn't worked for months. It's very frustrating.

Login is flawed

Created the account and i cant even login with the same password.

I cant get logged in on my One plus.

Love Marriott, Can't login to app after update

The app is great but lately I can't sign in half the time, says no connection. Come on this is ridiculous. Other then that ,app is great, love option for early check in, which Marriott always graciously accommodates ,only wish u could choose your exact room location like u can on Hilton's app-- they give u a floor plan n let u choose exact room prior to check in. I love Marriott brand, I travel alot n u will not find a more accommodating hotel chain

Continues to log me out and requires email address or Rewards # and password. Does not keep me logged in as other app do. Lew Walters


Why would I ever let you have access to my Bluetooth ? Uninstalling is simpler.

Looking forward to SC

Never found the check-in but will continue looking a while.

Please fix the latest app. Marriott, fix the app to keep us logged in.

App no longer keeps me logged in. Note 5.

Breaks on '

My last name is d'Entremont. If the ' breaks your site, you're not checking user input and its breaking your queries. SQLi is a 20 year old security issue. Fix it.

Love it

They treated us with so much love.. They even love our bullies.


Makes me login every time and the login button doesn't work most of the time. I click and it does nothing. Mobile check-in is worthless to me since it doesn't let you choose a different cc when checking in via mobile versus when the reservation was made (by my travel dept).

Love D' App But is giving me hard time

Every time I am still logged in it does not show none of my upcoming plus doesn't reconizes me. Have to logout and log in again to make it work! Please fix. I love this App and is so 100x useful on road!

Can login once. Then kicks me out and I have to clear the app data to be able to log in again.

Worked great until recent update, now it won't allow me to log in

This app no longer works on my Android device

It only works on my iPad but I prefer to use my smartphone for my travel planning and actual travel.