Marriott International Customer Reviews:


No reservations

I'm not able to book a room on this app. I used it before the updates to book my room/ check-in and out..easy peasy. Now..nothing. I downloaded this app to take advantage of the member benefits. Let's go back to the good old days

Horrible app

I could not get the app let me sign up. I kept getting "a data error has occurred ". It's a bummer since I'm a platinum member of Marriott.

A little buggy

* Frequently get the loading symbol (spinning wheel) indefinitely when accessing rewards account areas of the app. Signing out and back in, resolves that. Consider adding timeouts and informative error messages at least. * Same issue when other functionality fails. For example when checking out, sometimes get a generic error. Consider making the error message informative.

Still, not so much

I'm a Platinum. Hilton app where you can actually select your room for check in put this to shame. Just not good.

Very convenient

A M Hasan

My favorite Hotel all around the world🕊

Not intuitive, poor navigation

App creators miss the vital basics. They don't recognize the challenge of navigation if you click in link from Marriott to check in. Worse, often trouble checking in when l find my reservation. It works fine sometimes, but would expect better



I can never book a room

When I select a room that I want and click on select this room it always takes me to a blank screen and therefore can finish the booking. Need to always pull out my laptop. Very frustrating and annoying

Major bug needs to be fixed

As many others have described, once you move to another app and back to this one, all your account information disappears and you have to log back in again. What a pain in the arse! The iOS app never had this issue so it's surprising the Android app has such a fundamental flaw. Other than this major bug I really like the app to book, check in and check out of hotels. Please fix this asap and then I'll give you 5 stars.

App stinks

Unable to check in from phone. App isn't of much use.

Login fail

Doesn't log in at all. Account not recognized. Garbage



Please sort out the login issue

Until reciently this app has been great. I find the checking and checkout option very useful, however, reciently the app keeps asking me to enter my username and password each time I use it. This is very frustrating, especially as I use a alphanumeric password that I cannot remember. Please sort this.

Very poor

Never updates! If it can't find your location it doesn't work!

Bad update

Can not see my reservations


Buggy software from Marriott, continually tells me it has stopped working. Avoid the frustrations and don't bother to install it until they get their act together like some of their competitors

Loading gets caught in a loop.

Unusable on Android 7.1.1.

App Currently Sucks

Never can connect with Marriott servers and retrieve my reservations or account info. Been trying fr several weeks and no change. Worthless

Not Accurate

This app is not up to date with reservations. I cannot check in through the app and my account points are not applied correctly. I have to consistently apply for missing stays. I never receive alerts for upcomimg stay although I am logged into the system.

Easy to use


They advertise it as useful to check in. Lol useful to use space on your phone. Don't bother.

Never works on my Note 4.

Doesn't work

Nothing works except for the home page showing up. Can't book... can't see upcoming reservations...can't see points....can't check in...nothing

It works great most of time.

Info you need right at your fingertips. Just sometimes be logged in then you try to reserve something and it thinks then system fail and you have to sign out and back in. Only issue

Bad experience

App refused to work. Why bother to have one when it only serves to drive your customers away. I don't even think it deserves one star

Needs to also work on tablets!!!


Always need to sign in. Locks up

This is is the worst version yet. Locks up. Never updates. Always logs out when you close.

Won't load anything

This app won't load anything. I travel for business and I can't see my status, check in or anything. Hilton app is so much better.

Hasn't worked in months

Cant login. Marriott tech support says "they know it doesnt work" but have no fix....


Needs Android Pay integration and PIN security instead of password every time. Good information on each hotel.


Not surprised to see all the bad reviews. This app asked me to sign in every time I open it and doesn't remember any account info. I just now tried to sign in and after entering my info the login button was unresponsive. Closed app and reopened and now my account is locked. WTF Marriott?


This app is the one,,,,thanks

Years of a sub par app!

It's been better than 2 years since Marriott had a halfway decent functioning app. I am Platinum Premier and I have used other brands at least 20 nights this year because of this app continually failing in one way or another. Everytime I give them the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe I'm in a bad area for internet I pull up the Hilton app and it works like a charm. MARRIOTT, THIS APP IS COSTING YOU BUSINESS FROM LOYAL CUSTOMERS WHO WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET IT????

Features don't work

I downloaded it for a trip and it never gave me the option to check-in as promised. I kept having to put in my rewards number and password every time I used it, even if just an hour or two later. It doesn't prompt you to do that. It just won't find your information and the little dial will spin and spin and spin and you wonder what's going on. I tried to chat with representative at the hotel about late check-in. No response. Totally worthless app.

Annoyed & horrible update. no acct? Cluttered.

Samsung Galaxy 7 refuses to recognize acct. At all. Galaxy 4 will sometimes. Long time customer and app user. Insists on current location vs where I'm traveling and page very cluttered. Unusable. Maybe ok for larger tablet or Win 10 but Not phone. Worse, tried calling hotel directly at 5am eastern time, 46 minutes no answer.


Slow, non-intuitive. "Points" tab never works.

Always stuck on loading

a pain to use because it's always loading. This loading issue happens way too often even for just looking at recently booked reservations

This app is a piece of junk code. It will not keep you logged in. Once the phone locks once, it logs you out! What a bunch of garbage. update: The 11/17/16 seems to have fixed nothing! Even know I'm logged in, the app doesn't recognize my account after I leave the app & return. I did not even turn my phone off! It wants me to login every time I open the app to show me my info. Maybe the NEXT UPDATE will fix this issue?

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